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    Hispanic Wealth is focused on improving the economic well-being of Hispanics in the U.S.

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    What we provide:

    Hispanic Wealth provides culturally-competent consulting services to companies and institutions that want to improve the financial condition of their Hispanic stakeholders.

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    Hispanics in the US

    By July 2012, there were an estimated 53 million Hispanics residing in the U.S. and representing almost 17% of the population. They are expected to grow to 28% of the population by 2050.

    This growth is one of the most important demographic trends in the United States.

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    By July 2012 about 64% of Hispanics in the US, where also born in the US (only 36% were foreign born).

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    Acculturation Process

    The Hispanic population is not homogeneous in its culture and values as a consequence of the acculturation process.

    This has affected the different generations in time.

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    Hispanic Wealth

    We believe in equal opportunities for every human being in the United States

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